People who have never tried Acai berries will often wonder what they will have to do in terms of daily diet to make the move to an Acai diet effective. It is fair to say that if your current diet has caused you to gain weight, then merely supplementing it with Acai berries is not going to have as much of an effect as you would ideally hope. The way an Acai-based weight loss plan should work is that you use Acai berries to replace something in your diet that is causing you to take too many calories.

The plan of replacing one food with another is something that has always had a strong history in dietary plans. Replacing white bread with wholemeal or rye, replacing sugary breakfast cereals with something bran-based or otherwise healthy, and so forth – these are tried and trusted methods of weight loss and in general they work. In some cases, this has to do not only with the lower calorie count in the replacement food, but also in that they allow the body to process other foodstuffs much better. High fiber, among other things, allows the body to work more in sync and keep weight off.

With Acai berries, the best way of using them is to replace sugary snacks or potato chips, or to have Acai berry powder as an alternative method of sweetening a dessert. There are other ways, depending on the form in which you have bought your Acai supplement. A good plan will come with tips for effective use.

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