Healthy food has become one of the most significant industries in several parts of the world in recent years, as people begin to realize that a so-called standard diet is contributing to a wave of obesity across much of the industrialised world. While debates about body image rightly place a lot of criticism at the door of the advertising industry pushing a myth that you need to be stick-thin to be attractive, there is also a lot of importance in paying attention to the message that excessive fat can be unhealthy – even to the point of being fatal.

It is, like many things, all about getting a sense of balance and making sure that you get enough nutrients in your diet to feel healthy while at the same time enjoying what you eat. It is easy to become concerned beyond reason about how you look. Society holds up a mirror, and we are rarely pleased with what it shows us. To overcome this depressing situation it is easy to go the wrong way, towards crash dieting or worse, an eating disorder. The best response is to go for something that allows you to control your calorie intake while getting necessary nutrients.

There will be no shortage of people who tell you that you can’t get something for nothing, that in order to lose weight you have to go through discomfort and suffering. But it doesn’t need to be the case at all. Go and read about how Acai berries help dieters lose weight. They really are one of the success stories of our time.

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