There is a saying that in life you never get something for nothing. While there is a general truth in this saying, it would be unfair to extrapolate from this that there were not good deals out there for people prepared to look for them. There cannot be many among us who do not experience a pang of pleasure at knowing that we have managed to snag ourselves a bargain. It is the way the human mind works – if we set ourselves up to expect to pay a high price, we will always find that there is a real happiness in getting what we need for less.

The joys of bargain hunting need not necessarily be limited to the more high value purchases that we find on “spoil yourself” shopping trips. For many of us it is at least as pleasing to find that there is a low price on something that will do us good. So, if you are convinced that Acai berries are something you want to try, the best thing to do is to look for as low a price as you can get without compromising on quality. This may sound like a contradiction, as it is well known that a price that looks too good to be true will normally be just that. However, a number of companies are wise to the benefits of a “loss leader”, where they sell a product cheap initially – sometimes even giving free samples – safe in the knowledge that, if the customer is happy, they’ll be prepared to pay the full price in future.

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